Big Family

Wir sind eine Zocker Gruppe, die sich auf das zocken der Day of Defeat Source Custommap 'dod_strand' spezialisiert hat. Viele von uns kennen sich schon sehr lange und zocken regelmäßig auf unserem Big Family Strandserver

    Overmaster banned


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    Overmaster banned

    Beitrag  Overmaster am Do Apr 25, 2013 8:35 am

    Hello everyone!
    I do not understand why I was banned on your server, I always played well in the DOD and play for a long time to dod_strand.
    I am against the use of any cheating and not against fair play.
    Have I been playing so well that you want to ban me))
    Or do you have on the server like this: you play better admin - ban
    Review your views and do not banned honest players
    thank you

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